The Season of love is almost here!

While so many couples love valentines Day. They struggle to find the perfect way to authentically show who they are. Posed sessions can be beautiful, but there is something so magical about the unposed, raw moments.

This Valentines Day, we’re trading studio sessions in for on location lifestyle sessions. Allowing couples to pick the perfect space that speaks to them whole heartedly.

Now choosing a place, if not your home can be challenging, so I’ve come up with some questions to get the wheel spinning and help you and your significant other find the perfect spot for your Valentines Session.

  1. Where did you meet? Discuss your love story together and you may find the perfect spot to bring your love story to life. (Ei : Maybe you met in a restaurant at the bar and want to recreate a romantic bar scene )
  2. What’s something you love to do together? - Maybe hike, go for long drives .
  3. If you could choose any winter sport to enjoy together what would it be? Maybe you love skiing, skating or roller skating. Couples enjoying their favourite sports together can be more romantic than you think.
  4. If your a couple who loves to be home, what are three things in your home you enjoy? Maybe cooking together, baking, painting or lets go way back to those ghost movies days and pull out that pottery wheel.

Whatever brings you together and gives you butterflies. We’re there to make it into a authentic magical set of images you’ll cherish for lifetimes to come.