Hey, I'm Kay ☾★☽

Partner, mom of three crazy kids and a die hard lover of all things chai and white wine. When I'm not behind my camera I'm usually curled up on my couch with a glass of Nova 7 binging out to the newest hot show.

Originally from Halifax raised by a single mom who knew how to throw it down in the kitchen, I am a lover of all things spicy food. One of my favorite things about travelling all over the globe photographing weddings is getting to experience so many cultures and mmm the food.


Our Story ☾☼

Dylan and I met eight years ago.

A mutal friends birthday bash at a bar. I was dancing the night away as anyone who knows me can contest to me always doing if music is playing. He was across the floor dancing and chatting it up with the guys. From that one night we laughed, exchanged Facebook info and stayed in touch. Our one encounter turned into funny texts messages, sending pitures of each other randomly making funny faces and jokingly bashing each other for a good laugh. Birthdays, events and much more. Before I knew it eight years FLEW by.

It took me EIGHT years to realize this big goofy teddy bear who is the MOST annoying hilarious and awkward person was the one for me.


We are still crazy and make fun of each other probably worse than before, But better than that. We're best friends AND partners.

We left our crazy lives behind in Halifax where we both grew up, packed up two kids and me waddling with a pregnant belly, left everything we were use to and started a new life together away from the busy city.

A new baby girl, and a brand new car. The last year has been full of amazing things and so many blessings as we make new friends and focus on business all during a pandemic!

Life is crazy! Enjoying every moment is critical!

Our lives are hectic. Two dogs,three kids, fishies,two businesses plus Dylan still has his own career too , you can catch him whipping up all the food you love at the Naked Crepe

. As a mom to three kids I can honestly say I feel I don't capture enough. So many memories lost. Since having Avah I have been making the time more to pull out my camera and catch all the un-posed stuff. The fun, silly and totally unplanned moments. Looking back on them is all we have. Once those tiny toes are strutting around in heels. All I'll have are these photos to look back on. I truly understand my clients which is why we work together so well. That wife that always says "he hates photos so good luck". I feel your pain sister! Dylan is probably the most awkward irritating person to get photos done with because he cannot stand having his photos done. So he makes it next to impossible and you usually end up with out of a hundred pics...like two that are decent enough to use . So in other words. I got this.

Putting your trust in me is key to making or breaking your session. Even with the hardest most uncooperative family member, I need you to put your trust in me and enjoy every moment we share together.

photo credit : Vagamundo Photos