Let’s escape the traditional and create the perfect adventure.

I love, love and capturing it just makes my heart swell. However, one trouble many clients face is how to come up with the perfect engagement session. Some like to keep it simple, but we here at Forever After LOVE and I mean LOVE to take you on adventures into your relationship.

  1. How did you meet?
  2. Whats your love story?
  3. What’s five things you love to do together?

These are all examples we go over to get to know you better. Allowing us to dig into your love story and find ways to bring it to life through out lense.

Maybe you met at a bar, so you may want to get into an elegant bar for an hour and shoot a romantic date night out. Many couples love nature and what better way to capture those moments soaking up all Mother Earth offers us, than to pack up the car and meet us at a beautiful spot like Cape Breton trails and cliffs. Water and sky as far as your eyes can see while your dress blows in the wind as your embraced by your significant other.

We’re ready to plan the perfect engagement session and if you didn’t know already. All of our wedding clients get a complimentary engagement session.

If you’re ready to discuss working with us, pop us a message! We’d love to hear from you.