Forever After Studio

Our studio space gives full creativity offering a bedroom setup, creative free space to create multiple set ups and more!


The Main Area

This area is one of my favourites as it allows plenty of space for us to create custom setups for every client, giving us so much potential for creativity.

The Wardrobe Room

Our wardrobe room is where the makeover transformations happen. from hair and makeup with our team, to full range of our client closet filled with a variety of outfits, gowns, and more.

Our Shop

We wanted to be unique and take as much room for creativity in our space. Where most businesses would have a waiting room, we decided with our business being appointment only that we wouldn't need a waiting room. We took this opportunity to create a small shop filled with wellness, spiritual and mental health products . Due to our love of empowering women, we offer private lingerie shopping !

The Kitchen

This isn't just a great spot for us to enjoy our lunch break but a great spot for content creators and small business branding shots!

10 webster street kentville

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