It was cold and it was worth ever shiver.

Guys I mean I am obsessed with this session. Bethany and I met online through a worldwide photographers group we are in. Oggling over photos we found each other in the comments. Then boom we found out we lived super close to one another. BESTIESSSS hahah. Since Beth and I have been building a friendship and lots of late night convos over our careers and being moms. She's also a new mom again, so we have quite a bit in common.

With all our new rebranding it was so amazing to get to get outside and get some of these MONTHS of being off work due to having my daughter and covid out of my head. I see so many spots when I'm out running errands and I am so quick to write them down in my notepad. After months of sitting home just dying inside to get to photograph these pictures in my head. I finally got to get outside and play!

I love, love. loveeee these photos and I hope you do too!

Our studio reno's are about to start and I'm so excited to share photos and videos with you as it comes to life so make sure to keep watching !