"I have no idea what to put in my client contract!"

Don't worry, you're not alone ! This is a question I discuss with many of my students. A contract can be hard. You really want to think of incidents within your business. What do clients do that effects your business and should really be resolved by placing it within your business. For example.

Are your clients always late? This is a good time to put a clause in your contract that anything over fifteen minutes late will require rescheduling and a fee. This ensures that your clients value and respect your time and show up on time and ready to go.

What's some other things you should add to your contract . Lets look.

Grab a Notebook and lets get started !

Grab a Notebook and lets get started !

What Should be in your contract :

  1. The clients name, address, phone number, and email.
  2. The details of the photoshoot, where, what time , location, date etc.
  3. Retainer and Payment
  4. Work product - The process of working with you. for example: Photos will be shot in digital format. Digital edits will be available to the client within two weeks of the session date on a private online gallery, viewable for 14 days from the date client receives link. RAW files will not be given or sold. etc
  5. Rescheduling / Late arrivals
  6. Cancellation
  7. Indemnification . Ex:

7.1 Photographer and client agree that the photographer is not responsible for the behavior of children during the session.

7.2 Photographer retains the right to of discretion in selecting the photographic materials released to the client.

8.Timeline and Schedule.

9.Permissions and permits.

10.Exclusive Photographer - explaining to client that you are the only booked photographer for this session or event.

11.Copyright and Model Release .

12.Social Media and Personal use license

13.Pricing & Additional Products