Weddings can be a lot of stress, especially when relatives and loved ones want to have it their way. After a year of planning and saving we said "screw it " and we ran off to the very same rave music festival we got engaged at the year prior and exchanged vows under the midnight blue full moon.

As an elopement photographer I have to say I am truly happy with our decision. Since Covid people have truly learned the value of those we hold dear. So many couples are trading in big weddings for the wedding of their dreams, on their own terms.

Why do I feel elopement is the better option?

  1. The Stress is removed
  2. NO RELATIVES who are trying to call the shots
  3. You save mega bucks which mean a beautiful honeymoon (and that's worth the money over one big day)
  4. Elopements are more personal. You get to really cherish this time with your love without all the chaos.
  5. You can be much more spontaneous rather than having a big busy day that doesnt allow for as much time to get creative and make amazing wedding photos. Want to get eloped and than jump in the ocean for a steamy session, knock your socks off.