Let's start with the first music festival we EVER photographed back in August!

Oh so many feels. My good long-time friend Jen has found herself a new passion. For many of you, you may recognize this beauty as the face behind Partridge Photography. She is now spending her time doing so much hands on work like running this amazing festival, Electric Pines. We spent three days out in the woods photographing so much love and fun times between friends, lovers and everything in between.

As we spent our first night dancing under the stars, I thought "I'm never going to forget this". It was like magic.

Well, little did I know I certainly would not forget it, and it would get much better !

Night two we travelled back to our tent (orange tent in photos), where we would put on a thicker sweater and sip some water before returning to the main stage. Aww I remember it like yesterday. I had overpacked , turning our experience into glamping lol. Oh ya, I had tapestries all hanging from the inside walls and twinkle lights everywhere. Our tent was magical and had the best vibe and the fact that we were so close to the stage that the lights bounced off our tent were the cherries on top of our big ice cream !

While I sat on our mattress waiting for Dylan to come back into our little jungle vibe bedroom (our tent has multiple rooms) I was about to be in for a shock and a very long time waiting shock!

That's right. He popped the big question, and I gladly accepted. We ran out to celebrate under the stars with our many friends who also were there. The perfect vibe, surrounded by music, laughs and the best of people.

Now the fun begins. How the heck do photographers plan their own weddings !?