Relax. It's a breeze! Leave the hard work to me.

So many times when women come to see me they are almost always extremely nervous. I promise you are not the first ! That's why it's so important to have faith and trust in me and my team.

We begin your session with your favourite music, wine, light snacks ( we don't want you bloated ! ) . Upon arrival you'll slip into a robe and be treated like a queen.

"But what should I do to prepare before I arrive ? "

  • First, if you have a long mirror stand in it naked. Seriously ! I want you to stand in the mirror and tell yourself you're a rockstar. You are beautiful.
  • Now I want you to go through that lingerie and find three pieces that make you feel like a badass. You're welcome to bring more if you want to mix things up and get my opinion. I always suggest that bringing a little extra is better. Maybe some loose shirts that hang off the shoulder, or a silky long robe.
  • Make sure to wash your hair the day before. Don't put any heat on your hair please. - This is important. If you put heat on your hair and then we do your hair, many times it falls out. So please let it dry or simply blow dry it and that's it !
  • Make sure to the night before to exfoliate your skin and lips. A great way to exfoliate your lips is to mix a small amount of sugar and honey in a dish and lightly scrub and rinse. Now your all ready for whatever shade of lipstick you decide to go with.
  • Make sure to check your finger and toe nails. Please make sure there is no chipped polish. Have your nails painted and ready to go. Nothing can ruin a nice photo like chipped nail polish or missing nails. This is a NO NO.
  • Now make sure to save all your favourite music to a playlist so we can connect you to our bluetooth speaker and let you rock out your session !

That's it ! You're ready to go.