A Boudoir Shoot can feel overwhelming. “I’m going to be Half naked” That’s why it’s important we fully prepare you and make this process of preparing as easy as possible.

Ten Ways To Prepare for Your Boudoir Session :

  1. If you tan or use spray tans, make sure to get your tan the week before to avoid streaks etc.
  2. If your’re getting a wax , be mindful of redness and swelling. Make sure to get waxed a few days prior to your session.
  3. Make Sure you have no chipped nails or toe nail polish. - This can really ruin a good shot!
  4. Wash hair a day or two days before the session and if possible don’t use heat on it.
  5. Try on all of your Lingerie pieces PRIOR to packing to go. Look at yourself in each item in a full sized mirror if possible. Pose a little. How does this outfit make you feel? If you don’t feel sexy, toss it aside!
  6. Make sure to exfoliate skin the day before and try a honey sugar scrub on your lips for soft lips and great makeup application.
  7. Pack baby oil ! - Soft skin and a little oil shine give the skin a fresh dewy look - if that’s your thing.
  8. Better to pack too much than too little- overpack ! Throw grandmas pearls in there,and sexy stockings . Throw it all in there !
  9. If you’re not getting hair and makeup with us I highly suggest if you’re good at makeup to make those eyes stand out and add some lashes to really make them pop. - Great to also pack rice paper or loose powder in case you get shiny throughout the session and need to touch up.
  10. Don’t forget to pack heels! Heels can truly accentuate your legs and add that extra va-voom!