I could win 20k , a trip to Palm Springs & be featured in the magazine , and I need your help to make it happen.

Hey, Im Kay. if you’re a long time follower than you know how much women empowerment means to me, but for those of you who are new here. Im a twelve year survivor of abuse and I use my story to help women achieve their dreams and know that NO MATTER WHAT. You can overcome everything that was meant to destroy you, and not just overcome it, but thrive and live a life of happiness and peace.

I spent years not sharing my story out of fear and when I did, I realized I wasn’t alone. The sad part? Realizing just how many other women were going through the exact same thing as me. We leaned on one another. In all the chaos , I used this to empower myself to do more. Empowerment has become us. Our studio is aimed at being a place to empower and connect with ourselves, but I wanted to do more.

With our brand new studio, we now offer women led events in our space. Creating safe spaces for women to thrive, build a sisterhood community and a power team behind you, who encourage you, speak life into you and love you.

I’ve been given the chance to really make this dream skyrocket and share it with the world , by winning an amazing contest with SUPER MOM. I love this contest not only because of the amount of women who get to share their story but all money earned is donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. Voting dialy is encouraged and FREE but you can do donations which buy more votes.

If I can ask you for anything today, I ask you to take a moment of your time and please vote for me.