Today things could have gone awkward if it wasn't for these two being as hilarious and care free as they were. Jeremy is taller and Bhreagh is leaning in trying to get nose to nose. Thats when I spoke without thinking first. "Bhreagh don't try to come to him you're all leaned forward. Jeremy you need to come into her body not the other way around" The second the words left my mouth I couldn't help but burst out laughing. " THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT..I HEARD IT WHEN I SAID IT". Thankfully they both burst out laughing where Jeremy then pointed to the big beautiful belly Bhreagh is carrying and responded with "did that already." I swear I felt my face getting hot. How did I not hear that in my head before it left my mouth!

Well we continued to laugh throughout the session and had a blast AND got some absolutely amazing photographs. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed the session.

I enjoyed photographing these guys so much and I wish you two all the best in your delivery and hope you bring her in for a newborn session.